Meet PinTalents, the New Pinterest-like Site for All Talents is similar to Pinterest and yet quite different, too. It has a similar layout of course and the idea is comparable also. Basically, on PinTalents a person can submit their talent description, whatever it may be, and use the social site to promote it. If, for example, you are a singer or a writer you can submit that on along with a video and the URL to your website, if you have one; as a result, people from all over the world will be able to see you and get an idea of what your special talent is.

One big difference from Pinterest is that PinTalents does not gather online users, and they actually review all of the pins before they are posted. Reviewing pins ensure that spammers, scammers, and bots are kept out and also to make sure there is no phishing and to take advantage of fair use copyright law 107.

Another difference is that, in order to pin a talent description, users need to make a donation. There is no specified amount; therefore, it should not be an obstacle. The plan is to be able to support PinTalents with these donations and also affiliate links.

If people can get past the few major differences, PinTalents has a great chance to be the next big thing. There are many talented people in all parts of the world trying to make it as a successful artist, so PinTalents may just catch on.

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