Geelong Scaffolds and Safety Rails Have Made Construction Safe

Established in 1996, Geelong Safety Rail has significantly raised its level in quality from a company making temporary safety guard rails and scaffolds to providing permanent height protection with their range of products “Anchor Point Safety Victoria”.

Having more than 15 years’ experience in the field, they have huge resources in the field of safety products in the workplace. They know in depth how their products can be used to safeguard their client’s workers. They proudly work within the Occupational Health and Safety Standards and their systems are engineered to meet Aussie Standards.

Geelong Safety Rail’ product range includes:

Guard Rails: Depending on the client requirement, various types of guard rails are implemented such as Rafter Guard Rails, Perimeter Guard Rails, Deck Guard Rails, and Bolt on Clamp Guard Rails.

Work Platforms: Light Duty Work Platform is installed which is designed to ease the setting up of fascia, guttering, roof trusses and roofing material

Scaffolds: Geelong Safety Rail provides 3 types of scaffolds.

Roof Scaffold – For sloping roof surfaces to access windows set within roof line

Modular Scaffold – A substitute to traditional crook at ease heavy scaffold

KwikStage Scaffolding – Geelong KwikStage Scaffolding is built from ground level for easy use of businesses that can have multiple floor height requirements

Access Towers: They are usually two types of Access Towers are available:-

Access Towers: Temporary access towers provide access from ground to roof level using staircase to access roof top. Different sizes available to fit in the best roof type and suit it perfectly.

Aluminium Mobile Tower: These are fixed frames with a portable platform to work as a base for work done from heights.

Anchor Points: Geelong Safety Rail makes permanent fall arrest systems in roofs and other sloppy areas.

Construction field is most affected by fall injuries and its perils. Falls are the major cause of fatality and permanent injuries in this sector. Governments’ around the world, especially the Aussie Government has put across safety guidelines to follow strictly during construction procedures and also to take safety precautions for the same. Geelong Safety Rail works along with the Ozn Government to minimize fall injuries if not eliminate them. Geelong Safety Rail is Australia’s most trusted safety rail system while working at heights. Embedded data.

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