High profile event attracts unprecedented audience numbers

Cogent, a Melbourne-based software development company has announced the launch of a new video platform to share events online, Eventer. Internationally renowned San Francisco MusicTech (SF MusicTech) pioneered the new platform earlier this month and has attracted unprecedented audience numbers for its 2012 event. Eventer enabled the Summit to more than double its audience, with online viewers spending an average time of 40 minutes viewing its presentations on Eventer.

SF MusicTech Cofounder and Executive Producer, Brian Zisk said: “We had a great experience working with Eventer. If your event has both presenters and projection screens, no other solution can capture both streams of action and present them so strongly online in the appropriate context. While we were excited about the ability for our remote audience to watch the sessions, we had no idea how much exposure the posting of these videos on Eventer would garner, both for the Summit, and the presenters.”

Eventer simulates a live audience experience for the viewer. An industry first dual-screen player gives the viewer freedom to switch their focus between a presenter and their slides, or a panel discussion and the audience’s reaction, or to view both at the same time, just as they would if they had a front row seat. Organisations choose Eventer to help them achieve their communication goals; it helps them inspire, teach and communicate with their target audiences. In addition to its optimum viewer experience, its dual-screen player offers them creative opportunities to communicate and its platform is customisable and secure.

Cogent Cofounder and Director, Marty Andrews said: “We wanted to change what it was like to watch an event online, and Eventer is just like being there in the room for a presentation, whether that’s at a corporate event, in a lecture hall or at an internal company meeting. It captures anything from ‘classic’ style talks with a speaker and slides, to panel discussions with crowd interactions.”

Australia’s Sustaining Women in Business (SWB) has also chosen to showcase its recent Conference on Eventer, following the event last week. Presentations from the Conference will be made available online to the public over the course of this week, including the must watch keynote address on the ‘Success Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Women’ by Forbe’s Jenna Goudreau. Already available on Eventer are presentations by Dr Adam Fraser on development and sustainability of high performance cultures, Mia Freedman discussing politics, glossy magazines and women in business and Megan Dalla-Camina on a panel discussion on how to do it all.

Speaking about Eventer, SWB Founder, Taren Hocking said: “I believe we must actively participate in the creation of the world we want to live in and this is what I have tried to do with SWB. Now with Eventer more people in more places can be can be inspired, educated and enriched by the content and sharing of ideas of the insightful speakers at SWB. Not only does Eventer help my presenters reach a greater audience and receive more exposure for their brand and ideas, it also helps promote SWB and build more interest for next year’s event. It’s a win win.”

Additional Testimonial:

“SWB tackles topics that are relevant to every woman and aims to enable women to successfully build both a rewarding career, as well as a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. The experience for the delegates is priceless, and to now have the ability to bring more people into this experience from all around the world, through the industry first technology Eventer is a wonderful thing to be part of. As a new author this is especially rewarding, knowing that the messages from Getting Real About Having It All can reach and help more people.” – Megan Dalla-Camina, Presenter at SWB and Author, Getting Real About Having It All

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More about Eventer:

Eventer is the brainchild of a group of marketing and enterprise software professionals at Cogent, the Melbourne-based software development company. It grants people access to great events from the comfort of their couch – offering them an experience that’s ‘just like being there’, whether it’s at an event, a lecture or a company meeting. Eventer’s clients include educators, corporate communication specialists, marketers and event organisers. For more information, visit: http://www.eventer.com/

About Cogent:

Cogent is a company with skills in strategy, design and development. It focuses on helping its customers bring new products to life and also on building its own products; hence Eventer. Its recent customers include Real Estate Group, Sensis, Lonely Planet, The Alfred Hospital and Melbourne Business School. The Company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit: http://www.cogent.co/

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