Yuengling Plans to Expand Little Guy Teardrop Trailer Sweepstakes Promotion in 2013

Yuengling is going small in its efforts to promote its products and attract new customers. Consumers from across Ohio have encountered dozens of Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailers wrapped in Yuengling branding as the trailers crisscross Ohio en route to promotions at bars, restaurants, and grocery stores. “Little Guy’s throwback teardrop camper trailers are already head turners,” says Joe Kicos, owner of Little Guy Worldwide which is headquartered in Massillon, Ohio. “But wrap our trailers with such a beautiful brand, and you’ve really got something that will stop traffic.”

That is what Yuengling was counting on when it ordered several dozen of the Little Guy Teardrops over the past year. And it looks like the company’s bet has paid off. “The association between Little Guy and Yuengling for this year’s program will not only award several Ohio consumers with unique, custom trailers, but it has also added excitement to the way our brands are presented and displayed at the retail level. We’re looking forward to expanding the program to the other states where Yuengling is sold in 2013.”

Despite an economy in recession–and maybe in part because of it–Little Guy Worldwide is poised to have a banner year. “Little Guy is seeing phenomenal growth right now,” says Little Guy’s chief operating officer Chris Baum. “We are distributing a product that counter-trends the economy. Customers are turning to lightweight, towable RVs for affordable family fun. Our trailers can be towed by virtually any vehicle with a hitch, and they aren’t a drain on gas mileage.”

Little Guy Worldwide boasts of a growing network of dealers in The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Israel, India, Iraq, Japan, Slovakia, and the United Arab Eremites. The company’s products are regularly featured on The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal Television Game Shows.

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America's Oldest Brewery Finds Success in Partnering with World's Leading Teardrop Trailer Company on Ohio Sweepstakes Promotion. Beer Company Plans to Expand Promotion to Other States Next Year.

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