PURE SWISS Bursts into BevMo!

San Francisco/Zurich, October 23rd 2012 - PURE SWISS Inc, a Swiss premium mineral water manufacturer recently reached an agreement with popular retailer BevMo!, a retailer who currently who has 123 stores in Washington, California and Arizona.

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“We are delighted to have PURE SWISS in BevMo! as this is a great opportunity for the company to reach new clientele. The recent influx of new agreements with so many prominent accounts has helped PURE SWISS carve a place in the premium mineral water sphere. Furthermore, BevMo! is also going through an expansion phase, which contributes to the success of all the brands they carry,” said Alex Fries, CEO of PURE SWISS.

PURE SWISS will have yet another happy home in BevMo!, the ultimate specialty beverage retailer, where beverage enthusiasts can discover the best selection of high quality refreshments from around the globe. “We know that these customers will appreciate that PURE SWISS mineral water is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes,” added Fries.

BevMo! will initially offer PURE SWISS in both still and sparkling 1.0L glass bottles.

About BevMo!
Satisfying customers since 1994 currently with 123 stores in Washington, California and Arizona, BevMo! is the ultimate specialty beverage retailer where beverage enthusiasts can discover the best selection of quality wines, spirits and beers, at great prices. BevMo! has garnered such prestigious awards as the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Award for Retailer of the Year (2006) The Tasting Panel Lifetime Achievement Award (2008) and most recently two American Business Awards (2012) for executive of the year and company of the year. To find out more about BevMo!, please visit www.BevMo.com.

PURE SWISS Inc., a subsidiary of PURE SWISS Holding in Switzerland, is a privately held company in operation since early 2009. Our mission is to bring healthy, refreshing mineral water straight from the pristine Swiss Alps to consumers worldwide. PURE SWISS is available in both glass and PET, is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes – it’s simply healthy and refreshing.

PURE SWISS is also available in California and Utah, at leading supermarkets and natural food retailers such as Bristol Farms, BevMo!, Berkeley Bowl, Draeger’s Markets, WholeFoods and Harmons. For more information on PURE SWISS please visit: www.pureswisswater.com.

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