Mobile Search to Surpass Computer Search in 2013 – Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

With Smart Phones taking over the wireless world, Mobile Search is expected to surpass Computer Search in the coming months. Unfortunately most businesses have failed to keep up with the times and their website is not mobile friendly. (Press Release) - Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

With Smart Phones taking over the wireless world, Mobile Search is expected to surpass Computer Search in the coming months.

Most existing businesses have a website, however most do not have a “mobile friendly” website. Have you looked at your website with a Smartphone? You may be in for a big surprise! If your website has not been upgraded to produce a user friendly website for iphones, Android, BlackBerry, etc. your customers and potential customers are likely moving on to a “friendlier” and easier to use mobile site.

If your website is like most, it is likely difficult to navigate, hard to read, and very frustrating for your visitor. Nowadays people don’t have time to waste……they want everything NOW. People using Mobile search are less patient than those sitting at their desktop or laptop computer, and if your website is unable to detect what type of device the person is using, you could be losing a lot of money! has been producing and modifying mobile websites since 2008. They offer premium mobile websites at very competitive pricing. Mobile websites no longer require a .mobi domain. You use your existing domain name and a mobile detect script is added to your existing website, which automatically detects what type of device your visitor is using and seemlessly and instantly sends them to either your regular site or your mobile website.

Your new mobile website also sits along side your regular site on your web server so you do not need to pay any additional hosting fees! Your only expense is the initial cost of your mobile website and then any future updates that you may require.
Austin Mobile Webmaster has set up a "demo" page where you can see a number of beautiful, live mobile websites, check it out here:

The time to get up to speed with a Mobile Site is now. View our demos. Your competitors are upgrading now and your customers are demanding a user friendly site! Austin Mobile Webmaster can build your new Mobile site no matter where you are located and it can be “live” in a matter of days. To learn more about Mobile Websites and packages available, visit

Jim Longnecker has been building websites since 1995 and is currently focusing on Mobile Websites and Smartphone Apps. Embedded data.

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