Virtual Fleet Supervisor Demonstrates Value by Recovering Stolen Vehicles for Multiple Clients

While Anti-theft Protection May be a seldom utilized benefit of GPS Fleet Tracking, it has recently proven extremely valuable for at least four Virtual Fleet Supervisor Clients. (Press Release) - Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Orlando, FL – Virtual Fleet Supervisor, already known as a low-cost and extremely powerful tool for increasing overall Fleet efficiency, continues to validate its necessity as a cost and time saving Solution through the tracking, and subsequent immediate recovery, of stolen vehicles.

Several VFS Clients have had vehicles stolen during the months of March and April 2012 alone. In each instance, the vehicles were recovered quickly due to the fact that VFS GPS tracking units were installed in them, providing real-time information regarding the location of the vehicle. Although VFS has always been known as an auto theft recovery tool, these recent events highlight this particular capability of the GPS tracking system. According to Director of Operations, David Walloch, “While our Clients hope this is a rare benefit they will have to utilize, when they do, it instantly becomes possibly the most valuable one they will ever realize. Often law enforcement mentions how impressed they are with the technology we offer”. In many instances, when a vehicle is stolen there is little the victim can do because of how difficult it can be to locate that vehicle and the limited resources available by some Law Enforcement entities to spend looking for those vehicles.
Below are four instances in just the past two months in which a tracking device from VFS has enabled the recovery of a stolen vehicle:

  • A Client in Houston, Texas, who tracks about 120 vehicles, had a vehicle stolen early in the afternoon. Realizing a few hours later that it has been stolen, they quickly remembered the vehicle had been equipped with a GPS tracking device. They led police quickly to its location and possibly located another 30+ stolen vehicles and equipment. This was a potentially major discovery for authorities.
  • A Client in Monroe, Louisiana, who tracks about 40 vehicles, parked his vehicle outside of a major appliance retailer. Considering it to be a safe area, he left the keys in the ignition and upon returning to his vehicle, discovered it had gone missing. He contacted the police and the vehicle was recovered, already abandoned, 21 minutes later.
  • A Client just outside of Austin, Texas, who tracks 8 vehicles, discovered a vehicle stolen and alerted authorities who sent patrol cars to locate the thieves. They were arrested instantly by multiple officers while driving down the road in the stolen vehicle.
  • A Client in North Florida, who tracks over 600 vehicles, discovered a vehicle missing over the weekend. While it wasn’t discovered until later and the thieves had already taken it to a hidden location about 400 miles south, they were able to send authorities instantly to the current location of the vehicle and had it returned promptly the following day.

    Typically if a vehicle is stolen and never located, a claim is made with an insurance carrier which could cause higher rates and create an arduous replacement process. For some organizations that self-insure, this can be drastically more expensive as replacing that vehicle could easily cost $15,000 or much higher. By installing tracking devices with Virtual Fleet Supervisor, Clients also gain peace of mind knowing that will always have access to the location of their vehicles and that a thief will be held accountable should they attempt to steal their vehicle.

    For more information regarding the anti-theft capabilities or any of the many other benefits of the Virtual Fleet Supervisor tracking system, please visit their website at or call (800) 746-5170 to learn more about what they offer. Embedded data.

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