Netflix Premium Accounts Attract Users To Your Site is currently offering free Netflix premium accounts to attract users to the pay-per-download sites of our customers. (Press Release) - Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Many people have found that they can transform the content they write online into a revenue stream. How? They do so through pay-per-download services. is an upload site which features one of the highest payout rates around. Our site also includes high-tech features and unique tools to help you earn cash. We are powered by the latest technology in HTML5 and jQuery. We provide a smooth interface to work in, and we ensure the end product you deliver your users is nothing short of professional. We are currently offering free Netflix Premium Accounts to attract users to the pay-per-download sites of our customers.

Netflix is a subscription-based movie and television show rental service that offers media to subscribers via Internet streaming and via US mail. Netflix also offers Internet video streaming of selected titles to computers. This brings a lot of video watchers online, and creates an extraordinary market for other pay-per-download services. In fact, a recent survey indicates that Netflix is the biggest source of North American web traffic, accounting for 24.7% of all web traffic. This present a great opportunity for in the pay-per-download industry, which is why is offering free Netflix premium accounts.

In the last few years the web has given individuals the power to do what, a decade ago, only a well-staffed and highly capitalized organizations could do. Pay-per-download sites such as enable persons to create a significant source of revenue with very little money and no staff. Time and access to the web are the only resources you need to begin your service today. Patience and tenacity will keep you going, and the ability to utilize a service such as will help speed you on your way to prosperity. offers those who want to make money online the opportunity to do so. If you have ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you can find out by joining the pay-per-download industry. This industry, like many web-based industries, is changing the very nature of entrepreneurship. One need not go through the process of crafting elaborate business plans and chasing after venture capital firms in order to go into business. The web makes it simpler to earn your livelihood. You can make money online and take greater control of your financial future. makes it easy for you to do get set up an operation online and make money from it. Turning content into cash is mostly about networking and being able to utilize the right web technologies. can help you with all of these things. We offer a convenient service with the latest technology to help you succeed. You will not find a finer pay-per-download service. At, we have taken the industry to a whole new level, and we aim to keep you ahead of the competition curve with the newest and best innovations.

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