Hotel Wi-Fi Reviewsite Launched – Helps You Find Hotels with Good Wi-Fi, a website where travelers can review the Wi-Fi in hotels, has been officially launched. Wi-5 helps travelers find hotels with good Wi-Fi, and is determined to make Wi-Fi in hotels better and more affordable. (Press Release) - Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

BRUSSELS, Belgium (April 24, 2012) –, a website dedicated to the quality of the wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) in hotels, was officially launched today. This site allows travelers to discover which hotels have a quality Wi-Fi connection, and which ones have bad or very expensive Wi-Fi available to their guests. Visitors of the site can submit their personal customer review about the Wi-Fi quality in hotels they have visited. was established by young tech-minded people who hate going to a hotel, not knowing if there will be Wi-Fi, what the price of the Wi-Fi is and how good it really is. They soon saw on other websites and social media sites like Twitter that they are not the only ones who really care a lot about having good Wi-Fi in hotels, and decided to build a site with reviews specifically about the Wi-Fi in hotels.

Visitors of can rate the hotel’s Wi-Fi with 5-star ratings on four criteria: “Accessibility” (Was it easy to get on the network?), “Speed” (Was the connection fast enough?), “Price” (Was it free or reasonably priced?) and “Overall”. In the comments section, travelers can write more about their personal Wi-Fi experiences.

“We want to help travelers find out how good the Wi-Fi in a hotel is while they’re booking a hotel,” says Sander Delabie, the creator of “Several research reports show that many hotel guests even prefer a solid internet connection over free breakfast. A report by even shows that 31% of those surveyed say that free Wi-Fi should be mandatory in all hotels.”

The name Wi-5 (pronounced “Wi-Five”) is a combination of the words “Wi-Fi” and “five”, referring to the five-star ratings guests give to the quality of the hotel’s internet connection.

The site is now live in beta for everyone, and is free to use, as the site is ad-supported in a partnership with In a couple of weeks, Wi-5 will have all hotels with Wi-Fi listed on available for review.

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