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ListFree.org (Press Release) - Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

When it comes to internet marketing, there are a few ways you can go. Some marketers look into affiliate marketing, others look into product creation or various other aspects of online marketing. However, there is so much to learn, and so many skills to master, that it can literally take years before you earn a dime online. Some people do learn all the skills necessary, some people will be dedicated to those skills and take those few years to master things. For example, just a few of the skills needed are email marketing, website creation, graphic creation, logo creation, video marketing, video creation, article content, copy-writing skills and the list goes on. You can see how this could easily take you a few years to get used to, but is there a short cut? Is there a way you can skip some steps, and get to the finish line a bit quicker?

You may have heard of done for you websites or autoblogs, the idea of these sites, is that everything is set up for you, and you have minimal work to do when running them. The only issue with some of these sites and companies that make the sites is that they make false promises, and you have work to do. Some people have reported certain things never being delivered, and the quality of certain graphics not being up to scratch.

However, not all is lost, as there is a company that offers real done for you profitable niche autoblogs and websites. They run a website called Website Hoarder.com. Website Hoarder is a revolutionary point in autoblog history, and there are many reasons for this. Never before has there been a service where you get a fully functional blog, with twenty PLR (private label rights) articles, a logo, cool graphics, tasteful themes, built in monetization through Google Adsense and Clickbank products, a whole video section with many videos and much, much more.

These blogs are set up to make money, and are highly optimized for SEO purposes. Your site can be set up and ready to make revenue in a very short amount of time. Never before has a service this easy to use been available, literally everything is done for you. All those skills we talked about and all the areas of internet marketing you have to master are hugely reduced, so you won’t need years of free time to learn the world of online marketing. Things like logo creation, articles, video creation and SEO won’t be an issue for you, and you can concentrate on building more niche sites, and progressing your businesses forward.

The beauty of Website Hoarder is, all the sites are based on highly profitable niches, such as Asthma, Stop Smoking, Car blogs, Travel Blogs and much more. So you know your site will make money, and that there is a hungry buyers audience behind you, that will be interested in your site. These sites aren’t any old autoblogs, they run on autopilot, and are professionally designed, so that they can generate a great income for you.

For more information on autoblogs and niche websites, please visit the following website: http://www.websitehoarder.com.

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