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Where to find the best Sealcoating Service is Grand Rapids on the internet. (Press Release) - Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

When it comes to protecting your parking lot or driveway, there aren’t many options. If you are inexperienced in this area, it is highly likely that your asphalt will come to some serious damage unless you seek out professional assistance and help. There are a number of ways your driveway or parking lot can be damaged, and most of the damages are caused by natural occurrences. Obviously, nature takes its place on all things outside, and we can’t do a lot to prevent the damage, especially when it comes to asphalt. But, there is hope, and there is a way to do this, but it has to be done by a professional and fully qualified service.

How many times have you been to a parking lot, and seen huge cracks and dents in the asphalt? It seems almost all parking lots that are a few years old start to receive damage, especially if they haven’t been seen to. It’s the same with driveways, it’s certain that over 50% of all driveways need some assistance, and the sad thing is, most people don’t know who to seek out to solve the problem, so it ends in one of two ways. The driveway owner either leaves the drive to get worse, and the issue never gets solved, or they think they need a whole new driveway, so that rip up the old one and pay for a whole new one. The second option, is the better one, but in a few years time, they may well be forking out that cash again, when really this isn’t what should be happening at all.

The reason asphalt cracks and becomes damaged in the first place is due to some natural and man made causes, as mentioned previously. The rain and water can penetrate the asphalt, hot oil can cause it the crack, heat, the suns UV rays, gas and oil leaks, and many other occurrences. Often, the most common reasons for cracked, brittle and chipped asphalt, is from the suns UV rays, which we cannot help. So what is the solution we spoke of earlier?

The solution to this whole problem, is Sealcoating. Sealcoating is the night in shining armour for all our asphalt issues, it can solve each and every one of them, and it’s the only solution too, but my is it a good one. Sealcoating literally seals the asphalt, so that nothing can get inside it to cause any damage whatsoever. The suns UV rays just bounce off it, and nothing will break it, it’s sealed. It also leaves driveways and parking lots, looking amazingly professional and clean.

One service in Grand Rapids, which offers the highest quality Sealcoating service, is Jerry’s Asphalt Paving. Jerry’s asphalt paving have been around for years, and they know most of their clients by first name, the reason being, most of their clients are repeat customers, and that says a lot about their service and experience with Sealcoating Grand Rapids. If you are looking to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot, Jerry’s Asphalt Paving is definitely the way to go. Embedded data.

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