The Tirage Euromillion Lottery Is Innovative And Provides Extraordinary Odds Of 1:24

Check out the website at to learn more about this exciting new lottery structure, and how they are able to provide the best odds of winning the lottery anywhere in the world. (Press Release) - Saturday, April 14th, 2012

There is extremely exciting news of the lottery world, because now the Tirage euromillion is available, and provides all players a 1 in 24 chance of winning. Most lotteries available today have a huge jackpot, with smaller awards available at a specific value based upon that jackpot. However, Tirage euromillion is set up differently than traditional lotteries, to provide these extraordinary odds.

The jackpot as well as the smaller winnings that are available is based on the prize fund. Winnings are based on a specific percentage that is the basis of that same prize fund, and all of the winnings account for 84% of the prize fund, as well as an additional 60% held in reserve as the Booster Fund. When there is no definitive winner of the Tirage euromillion, this Booster Fund is used.

During every respect a rollover, this additional fund is added into the jackpot, showcasing a rational order and specifying structures of this lottery that is not typical to traditional ones. Every winner of a prize will share with other winners in the same ranking, simply because it is still only a specific percentage of the prize fund available. What this means, is that two people when the jackpot, they will divide that jackpot 50/50.

This jackpot signifies 22% of the prize fund. Although this may not seem fair to some, it guarantees that there is money available for every winner, as well as provide a much more interesting draw after the 11th rollover. After the 11th rollover, the Tirage euromillion begins a rollback, which is where if no one wins the jackpot, it will be awarded to the next level down. What this means for every player, is that there is a much greater chance of winning the jackpot, in spite of removing a full level of prize winnings in order to provide this rollback.

This is still extremely exciting, because it guarantees that there will be a winner the jackpot, and that the winner or winners will get the entire amount of the jackpot that they have one. This extremely straightforward and simple method that the Tirage euromillion lottery demonstrates, is that there is a more fair way to have a lottery structure. This structure has been one of the fastest growing lotteries throughout the world, with a strong stand and authority and many different countries.

Because of these signs, it is positive for every country was adopting this feature in our lotteries, because it increases the intake of money to help their economy, as well as provide everyone a better opportunity to win. Although there may be people that demonstrate displeasure towards this type of lottery allocation, it is simply showcasing that there is no end to the greed people will display. It is simply set up to help generate revenue for every company that installs this type of lottery system, as well as providing more fair and greater chance of winning the jackpot for everyone who plays any lottery, anywhere in the world, hoping to strike it big. Embedded data.

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