Aarkstore Targeting the Underbanked in Financial Services

Aarkstore announce a new report "Targeting the Underbanked in Financial Services " through its vast collection of market research report

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Targeting the Underbanked in Financial Services


The Underbanked have long been ignored on the assumption that they lack profitability. However, in the current climate, the Underbanked segment now includes growing numbers of consumers who have become disengaged from traditional services and may now be drawn to alternative methods of managing their money, and who traditional providers can no longer afford to lose.


*Using data from our global FSCI and Recovery from Recession surveys, this report provides a detailed profile of the global Underbanked segment

*This report provides insight into how the Underbanked attitudes translate into behaviour and how they might best be captured

*This report provides concrete actions for providers to follow in order to integrate Underbanked consumers into more traditional product cycles


Providers cannot afford to make the assumption that the Underbanked are sub-prime, especially given the fact that they are not simply those who cannot bank with traditional providers, but now also those who choose not to.

Consumers are taking FS into their own hands – providers need to be aware that the power of social media and an increase in internet know-how has facilitated a fundamental shift in power which has led to the growing popularity of the direct peer-to-peer lending market.

Conditions have changed to create a perfect storm for new players from the retail and supermarket industries to capture an Underbanked segment which has already proven an attraction to financial transacting in a more informal or familiar environment.

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