Lexus Redefines Five Door Cars With The CT 200H Hybrid

To learn more about the Lexus CT 200 H hatchback and Lexus Hybrid Drive, check out our website at and join the revolution. (Press Release) - Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Portsmouth, UK 7th April 2012 – Lexus takes five door cars to a new level, with the extraordinary hybrid luxury vehicle, the CT 200 H. With a fine-tuned dynamic structure, this luxury hatchback is a true driving experience that is unsurpassed, all while maintaining environmental consciousness. This exemplary combination of luxury and environmental safety is available at, where you can find out more about the Lexus CT 200 H, the new standard in 5 Door Cars.

The CT 200 H is fully customizable, and comes with a wide array of equipment packages, which are perfect for every taste and budget. Numerous upgrades are available, including parking sensors, DAB radio, satellite navigation and more. With its exemplary design, this is truly the height of luxury, as it is a full hybrid car that provides the most exemplary amount of convenience and comfort in one vehicle.

With dual zone climate control, fabric upholstery, electrochromatic inside rearview mirror, push button start, heated outside rearview mirror, six way adjustable front seats and more, this is truly one of the most exciting five door cars available today. Lexis is the sole manufacturer that creates advanced hybrid vehicles with such luxury and panache. The Lexus CT 200 H is created with two power sources, which are either a combination of a gasoline or diesel engine, as well as an electric motor.

This gives you the opportunity to power your vehicle through the traditional combustion engine, via electric vehicle mode or a combination of the two. While you are driving your CT 200 H, you will hear nothing but glorious silence, because using the electronic motor is virtually silent while starting up and running at lower speeds. This is excellent for the environment, but also provides you with an exciting advantage, because with the electric motor, you are maximizing fuel economy, saving a lot of money.

You are reducing your carbon dioxide emissions drastically, which is good for the environment, with the electric motor will prevent any fuel usage, making the Lexus CT 200 H a truly innovative vehicle. The car control unit automatically chooses the best combination of combustion and electric motor power. In this manner, you will experience maximum fuel economy and minimal carbon dioxide emissions. It is also very highly intelligent, because it provides you with the ideal power source at any moment, as well as capturing kinetic energy from braking, which charges the battery.

These five door cars are available with only the most powerful electric engine available in the world, and with its full hybrid technology, operating costs are minimal because of the fuel economy and maintenance costs reduction. In addition, you will be benefiting the environment, while enjoying the penultimate lap of luxury, the Lexus CT 200 H hybrid. Lexus is not only synonymous with luxury, but provides an innovative and environmentally sound hatchback car for any taste. To learn more about the Lexus CT 200 H hatchback and the Lexus Hybrid Drive, learn more at, and join in the revolution and experience comfort, quality and luxury at your fingertips.

Experience a luxurious take on 5 Door Cars with the Lexus CT 200 H, available on this website. Embedded data.

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