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iBaroody is a premier web development company in Lebanon, providing a range of high quality and efficient services, such as graphic designing, product advertising and marketing, SEO and much more. (Press Release) - Friday, April 6th, 2012

Beirut, Lebanon – Website designing is important today, because of the large number of firms which mainly ply their trade online. Designing an attractive website goes a long way in attracting customers. There is also a need for effective online marketing, and online advertising of goods and services sold by a firm. For these purposes, it is essential to hire a company that provides graphic designing, advertising and marketing services. iBaroody is one of the best graphic design company Lebanon.
iBaroody employs highly skilled graphic designers for designing very attractive websites. They provide creative and cost effective designs for logo design, print advertising design, web design, brochure design and branding services. The client can either ask the company to design a logo based on certain specifications, or can make a sketch of the desired logo and ask iBaroody to make it for them. If the client decides to completely assign the logo design work to the firm, iBaroody begins with a research of the business environment in which the client’s firm operates. They also assess the branding objectives and medium term to long term plans of the client. Then, based on the current market trends, a draft is planned and designed. Each design prepared is unique – iBaroody never copies any design, whether in whole or in part.
iBaroody is one of the best advertising agencies Lebanon. They focus on creating effective advertising and marketing campaigns for its clients. The advertising and marketing campaigns focus on the strength of the company’s product and the brand identity. Before beginning any campaign, however, an assessment of the main competitors in the market, and their own advertising strategies, is carried out. The clients are also consulted to understand the kind of product positioning and penetration the client is looking for. It also determines the modes of advertising and marketing – banners, posters, brochures, print advertisements, TV advertisements, internet pop ups, etc. A formal plan is made in consultation with the client and the campaign is launched.
The marketing agencies Lebanon like iBaroody also work as SEO company Lebanon, providing a variety of SEO services such as web content generation, creation of backlinks, social media marketing and so on. iBaroody is known for its efficient and high quality services, and has been a trusted name in web development Lebanon for years. Visit for more details.

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