Pumpkin Head Trump is a disgrace to our country!

I’m so sorry our country voted for a racist, bigot, fake!

Trump is not my president he marks the end of any social progress that the US has ever had!

  1. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change
  2. Trump will appoint judges that will make it illegal for abortion ( which is stupid to create unwanted babies I know as I was adopted it sucks! )
  3. Trump cannot will not and isn’t capable of solving all of the problems he claims only he can fix!  That is a false prophet!
  4. Trump is a LOOSER! He didn’t make all that money without a silver spoon in his mouth he’s never sacrificed anything
  5. Trump is a draft dodger he never served in the armed forces, because he is a pussy!  And not the kind that he likes to grab!

To all the folks that voted for Trump I say this:

  1. Good fucking luck getting health care after he repeals Obama care!  As your diabetic precondition is going to preclude you from getting coverage you idiot!  Guess that house of yours is going to get repossessed to pay for your mini stroke!  Please make sure your homeless sign states you voted for the person that took your health coverage away!
  2. I understand your frustration with our government but really?  You think this guy who cannot get along with his own party is going be able to get stuff done….
  3. Trumped up trickle down economics doesn’t fucking work!  What are you thinking?  That you’ll find a bunch of gold one day and be uber rich that’s just not going to happen!  But since your going to reduce the tax burden of the rich be prepared to pick up the slack!
  4. The military doesn’t need to be rebuilt we spend 51% of all our federal tax dollars on the military what are you thinking?  Wars are not fought with tanks anymore…
  5. What a role model for your kids and grand kids!




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