Rule the track with a high-end carbon race machine

June 15, 2016 – Carbon Speed Cycle is the most excellent bike brand worldwide in terms of its superb performance. Its research and development department contains more engineering horsepower compared to any other bike company, and it’s dedicated to make every one of the road bikes, from hand-built carbon bikes to the sophisticated aluminum forms, the complete best in its class. You’ll experience the difference of the track bike wheel, from your first ride to the victor’s podium. A track bicycle or bike is one that is optimized for racing at the indoor or the outdoor track. Unlike road bikes, the track bicycle is one that has a fixed and a single gear and neither brakes nor the freewheel.

So, with a set gear and no brakes, the track cycling is an excitement ride which will get you attracted the first time you ride it. Track Bikes are ridden by the best cycling talents of the world. With years of experience in rim building, its track rim are born and bred at the track. This is run by riders, and for riders, presenting class-leading merchandises at an invincible price. Carbon Speed Cycle sells over thousands of bicycle products worldwide, from the magnificent item that you desire, to the bizarre product you never knew you required. CSC has a varied selection of brands and a compilation of vintage stock which isn’t available on any other website.

Streamlined and slimmed down for track racing, CSC track bikes are uncomplicated, ultra lightweight race mechanisms with a confirmed race history. Competing as well as winning on the most competitive track racing circuits, the carbon bikes have become renowned benchmarks for feat and value. Where else will you find the powerway hubs at low prices? All the items are hand-crafted by a team of trained mechanics. CSC is incredibly fervent about bikes and the staff has roadies, mountain-bikers, athletes, and cross-racers. CSC tries to put all that fervor, experience and commitment into everything it does.

Carbon Speed Cycle
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902, No.5588, cao’an road, anting town, jiading area,

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