How to Stop Unwanted Spam Calls and SMS

Ever gotten tired of all the unwanted calls and messages? What if one of your friends or rather ex-friends keeps on teasing you? Use the simple and effective Spam Call and Sms Blocker! An app designed to be simple, easy to use and fluent.
This Spam Blocker app has several features:
•    6 methods to add spam callers in blocklist
•    Whitelist Contacts
•    Schedule Blocking
•    International Call Blocking
•    Voicemail Blocking
•    Wild Card Blocking for Calls and text messages
•    History of blocked calls and sms messages
•    Caller –Pop up
•    Auto Response sms to blocked calls and sms
•    Back and Restore
•    Password protection
•    Battery Level Blocking

Spam Blocker app can save you from needless hassle and having to deal with useless prank calls. It can make your life a lot easier by keeping those unwanted, annoying exes away from you.
What are you waiting for? The next annoying call? Get Spam Call and Sms Blocker and simply relax!

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