Ban Final Fantasy XIV People for Leaving Duties right away

I am getting cheap ffxiv gil tired of people joining a duty, especially for the most recent two. Chrysalis and Steps of Faith and people leaving right away.

I think it would be fair to ban people for a day for consistently leaving. There are people that need to complete these and rely on the help of others and when people just leave because they don’t like it half an hour ban isn’t really a good enough since there is so many other things you can do.

It’s really annoying, just did the Chrysalis for a friend and we have roughly 9 people join and leave right away. It was a really smooth run too, but people need to be punished for for leaving all the time.

Or ban then from doing any duties for that day or something more sever then a half hour wait.

It’s not that I need help, I can get through it. I’ve already completed every time have been trying to help the people in my FC, people come in Steps of Faith and are like, “Oh shit it’s this one not again I hate this one” then proceed to leave. Not everyone in my FC is all caught up, almost all of them are, but we still don’t have a full party of 8 ready to beat it. I beat it on the first night, but people need to have a more sever punishment. I’m not saying after one, but it you leave duties let’s say 3 times in one day, then get banned from being able to do a duty for the rest of that day.

It’s bloody bullshit that people leave the moment they enter a duty because they don’t want to do it. No one wants to help out new ff14store players and it is having a negative affect on some people. Embedded data.

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