Your Guide To Dealing With Car Accidents In Chicago

The aftermath of a car accident is something that one can actually predict. More often than not, auto accidents change the lives of some forever, with many victims dealing with lifelong suffering and agony. The thing is most people don’t even know how to deal with all the aspects after an accident, and many don’t realize that they have the right to get compensation. Every year, numerous car accidents are reported in Chicago, and yet not many get their dues, plainly because they missed a few essential things. In this very special post, we will talk of some of the crucial elements that shouldn’t be missed.

Contact an Attorney:

First things first, you should get medical attention, in case you are the victim. If someone from your family or friends is injured, make sure that they have got adequate first aid and medical assistance. Once that’s done, you have to look for a Chicago personal injury attorney, who is experienced enough to give advice you on your stand in the case. Keep in mind that your stand in the case depends on many things, and it isn’t always that you can win with a big case. However, contacting your lawyer will give you the first insight on the various aspects.

Get Papers and Investigation in Place:

Of course, the police will file a first report after the accidents, and there may have been witnesses to the case. Your lawyer will try to understand and gather all the information and evidences, which may come handy in the case. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees, and if a law firm promises absurd things, don’t fall for their words. Always ask your options. Many times lawyers may suggest for a settlement between the parties, while some cases drag for long in the court. It all depends on the overall aftermath. Legal firms also often deal with the paperwork and related talks to other parties, including insurance companies. If you require any kind of assistance on that part, make sure that you discuss the same.

Don’t Lose Hope:

It is easy to lose hope when you see that your case may facets, which can be used against you. Take your time and choose a good lawyer who is well recognized in Illinois and knows the state laws inside out. Apart from the legal assistance, lawyers help clients in staying sane in the most tragic situations. With their counseling and law related help, you can expect to come out of the mess real quick. Your lawyer will charge a fee from the settlement or compensation, so make sure that you discuss the cost of legal services in advance. Sometimes there can be other ways of charging the client, but it is best to be open and discuss all aspects.

With legal help and right steps after the accident, you can change all things in your favor. Of course, the pain and mental agony is something of your own, but you can take special counseling to come out of that, as well.


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Best 3D Screensavers Are Now Available at Screensavers-Store

The popularity of high quality screensavers among modern users should not be underestimated nowadays. No wonder, more websites start offering various kinds of screensavers that can be chosen with regard to the tastes, preferences and needs of users. From now on, the richest collection of the best 3D screensavers is available at Screensavers-Store.

Screensavers-Store is a trusted web-based platform, which offers high quality and interesting moving 3D screensavers to users from all over the world. The resource is quickly gaining popularity with users, who wish to make their computer screens look interesting and appealing. This is what the owners of the site tell about the purpose of its creation: “Screensavers have always been used to protect the monitors of computers, when they are switched on, but not used for a long period of time. Today, their purpose has somewhat shifted from functionality to entertainment, with 3D moving screensavers becoming more and more popular. At our website, you will find complex 3D screensavers with moving objects, animation effects and shader technologies that produce photo-realistic effects.”

To simplify the searching process for the users and organize all the screensavers in the most convenient way, the developers of the website have subdivided them into several categories. These include Space, Nature, Aquarium, Clock and Sea screensavers. Each category, in its turn, includes an extensive choice of high quality moving 3D screensavers that come with short descriptions and can be downloaded in no time. All of them also have install and uninstall options, which makes their use easy, entertaining and time saving. The screensavers provided at Screensaver-Store are compatible with windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. They are available at the website 24/7.

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Screensaver-Store is a credible website, which makes it possible for the users to choose, download and install the best moving 3D screensavers on their computer desktops. These screensavers add entertainment options to the way computers look. They are compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. For the searching convenience and time economy, the screensavers fall into several categories. Each of them comes with the description and install/uninstall options. The files are available at the website any time of the day.

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Abraham’s Towing Malibu is a front runner of citizens and travelers in picking roadside assistance within the location of Malibu.

We are readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our complete accessibility of Towing Services in Malibu can assist you with regional towing, tire changes, car lockout, road recovery, dive begins, and lots of a lot more.

All you have to do is to call 424-234-2290 and also our pleasant dispatcher team will certainly offer you with a totally free quote and estimate over the phone. Supply us when it comes to your precise place, car make as well as model, so we will exist within minutes.

Towing Malibu is among the only roadside assistance companies that is utilizing state of art tools: Flatbed tow trucks, wheel lift vehicles, heavy as well as moderate task companies.

Off roadway recuperation is among our major services to our clients within the pacific coastline freeway. Recovery from sand as well as mud is a day-to-day regimen for us. Malibu coastlines are dangerous for driving, but stresses no more– we are here to assist!


Safe as well as Secure Towing Solution

Abraham’s Tow Vehicle Solutions in Malibu will see to it that your vehicle is %ONE HUNDRED protected. We spend a great deal of money as well as hours of labor in order to ensure your automobile is risk-free throughout our companies. Towing dollies, soft bands, flatbed ramps, is merely a tiny example of what we perform in order to obtain your assurance. So you can feel confident and also know that you made a right phone call.

Our companies areas are within Malibu, CA. Pacific Palisades, CA. Calabasas, CA. Westlake Village, CA. Thousand Oaks, CA. as well as the cities around.

Our area is: 18820 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu, CA. 90265

24 Hours accessibility

Htile’s Direct-View LED Screen Strengthens in Digital Advertising Market


Shenzhen, China – Htile, a leading LED video display supplier in China with global presence, has rolled out many types of Direct-View LED Screens into the advertising display markets. Though total revenue for traditional LED products only improved by 1.2 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year, due to a dramatic price decline across all pixel-pitch categories. Unit shipments in the direct-view LED video category are forecast to increase steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent from 2016 through 2020.

“Application trends for the LED video industry differ slightly from other technologies, with little or no installations in corporate and education signage, which tend to rely instead on front projectors and LCD displays,” said Kili Mi, manager of digital signage and professional displays for Htile. “The top applications for LED video are retail, outdoor sports and public spaces. There is a growing trend in indoor applications, particularly in public spaces, retail, control room and corporate signage.”

The direct-view LED video market ended 2015 with a 366 percent increase year over year for sub-1.99 millimeter and a 129 percent increase year over year in 2 mm to 4.99 mm pixel pitch LED video displays, the two fastest growing categories of display resolution. Most of the growth in these resolutions can be attributed to recent technological developments in fine pixel-pitch direct-view LED displays, according to Kili Mi.

Albeit slower than 2015, robust growth in these two categories is expected to continue in 2016, with an 84.8 percent rise in shipments expected for sub-1.99 mm and 77.1 percent for 2 mm to 4.99 mm pixel-pitch LED video displays.

Htile expects the rate of advancement towards finer pixel pitch to slow significantly in the short term, due to the size limitations of current LED packaging. At the moment the narrowest pixel-pitch LED video display is 0.7 mm product, launched in September 2015. The price difference between sub-1 mm and 1.2 mm-to-1.9 mm pixel-pitch displays is almost two times greater; hence, 1 mm pixel pitch LED video displays are rarely installed in a LED video wall configuration. Other major brands are positioning sub-1 mm pixel-pitch LED video displays as a large format display for retail stores, control rooms, conference rooms, airports and other indoor applications.

In the longer-term, Htile is migrating to a new type of packaging called chip on board (COB) in lieu of the traditional surface mount device, specifically for fine pixel-pitch LED video displays.

“The use of COB allows for a much higher packing density of LEDs, enabling compact arrays of LEDs that are more heat efficient, cost effective, longer lasting and reliable,” said Mi. “The LED video display market can look forward to this transition as the production of COB LEDs ramps up.”

For more information, visit

About the Company

Shenzhen Htile Display is a large-scale LED display manufacturer from China, it designs and develops outdoor & indoor LED display screen , digital billboard for advertising, sports, traffic guidance, rental events etc.

Media Contact:
Company: HTL Display Co.,LTD
Contact Person: Bill Chan
Tel: +86-755-33123095
Fax: +86-755-33123095

Marine Veteran And Storyteller Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Travel Adventure

Chicago, IL – The Rolling Bard, a YouTube video series centered around an online storytelling road trip adventure to be published every Saturday morning for an entire year, this past month launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering financial backing and widespread support in the monumental countrywide undertaking. Launched to enable the Bard himself, Zaque Harig, to afford food and gas for his continental excursion, the Kickstarter campaign has only five days left to reach the $15,000 goal.

Throughout the YouTube series, Harig plans to harness his passions and experiences as a Marine, a foodie, a server, a singer, a songwriter, a storyteller, and above all, an adventurer.

“The Rolling Bard is designed to bring a 52-week quintessential American road trip right to the forefront of viewer’s laptops and phones,” said Harig. “My plan is to live as an Irish Bard for an entire year, sharing and collecting some of our country’s most elusive and eye-opening stories. Every Saturday, I’ll share an episode with viewers on YouTube highlighting my last week’s travels and lessons learned with new smiling faces.”

Nothing is off-limits in Harig’s YouTube series. From heart-wrenching military stories, to new friends at American diners and restaurants, Harig is determined to experience, and share, it all with passionate viewers.

In order to afford the 52-week trip, The Rolling Bard is seeking Kickstarter funding for an assured yearlong video web series. Though Harig plans to sleep in his van and minimize as many costs as possible, food and gas will require a substantial amount to keep him going.

The Kickstarter campaign is already up to $12,800, and with five days to go, Harig needs to cross the $15,000 mark.

For more information, or to get a much better idea of what is in store as well as a better impression and a deeper understanding of ‘Harig’ and his motivations, watch Harig’s informative introductory video and donate to the worthy cause, visit:

Zaque Harig
Phone: 847-660-3111

Top Digital Marketing And Online Marketing Company For Advertising

Are you finding it difficult to promote products and reach audience? Then, choose our digital marketing expert and online marketing specialist for your business.

It is necessary for the businesses to develop a clear way to connect with millions of customers within a short period. Running campaigns through digital marketing is a great way to interact with customers and reach thousands of audience. If you are an entrepreneur and want to expand your portfolio of services, then you can take the help of our digital expert for availing digital marketing services.  If you have a website and want to grow online, then our awesome team help you to run your business without any difficulty.  Our team can drive traffic for your website and have years of experience in this area. With the help of our online digital advertising expert, you can promote your brand and generate more revenue. Marketers looking for the top digital marketing company can create an account on our site for digital marketing services and choose the best program in digital marketing from our catalog that suits to your needs.

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Essential Kitchens- Your Destination for Home Ideas

Are you looking for beautiful interior decorations? Do you want space-effective solutions? Are you in need of fair deals and offers? Do you want an exclusive designer who will design your dreams? Well, then Essential Kitchens is the place for you! Among most kitchen companies in Cape Town, Essential Kitchens is one of the best. From effective kitchen décors and effective office designs to luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, they design it all and can be the help you are in need of. Designs made are user friendly, practical and good to look at. The good quality products promise a long lasting and cost- effective service to all the customers of this designing firm.

Essential Kitchens promise a good quality service. Customers are provided a fair and competitive price available in the market. Products like cupboards, counter tops, vanities, cabinets and accessories are available. The best kitchen designs in Cape Town can be availed from them. There are several types of designs provided by them, which include modern, classic, contemporary and antique. They provide a 3D design, designed on Articad Pro, before the actual work starts and a good designer is also provided to the customers so that the aspects like space, design and cost are taken care of. Good bedroom and bathroom designing services are also available, where quality materials and workmanship work together to give the customers ideal bedrooms and bathrooms.

To remain updated with their latest designs and products, you can contact them through telephone, fax, mail or post services. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news on their designs. A contact form and messaging facility is also available on their site Check out their website for further information.

About Essential Kitchens
Essential Kitchens is a customised boutique kitchen company in Cape Town. It has an expertise in manufacturing, installing and designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They also create cupboards, cabinets and other necessary accessories for the rooms. The team is headed by managing director, Jerome Kirsten, who has an experience of more than fifteen long years in the field of designing and kitchen industry. Essential kitchens is primarily based in the Milnerton area but also operate in other regions of Cape Town.

Essential Kitchens
Tel: 021 551 1472
Fax: 086 692 9712

Celebration of International Day of Yoga on the river Seine in Paris

Embassy of India, Paris is organizing a series of events on Yoga on the occasion of the Second International Day of Yoga. As a part of these celebrations, a Yoga event was organized on 21 June on the river Seine onboard the famous Bateaux Mouches boat sailing from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame Cathedral. While the boat sailed past the prestigious monuments of Paris along the Seine river, the participants performed Yoga asanas in a rhythmic fashion. Yoga on the boat also drew the attention of thousands of tourists thronging the banks of the Seine.


Immersion into Yoga began with a session of meditation by the Yoga gurus of Art of Living. Ambassador of India, Dr. Mohan Kumar appreciated the enthusiasm of all participants and emphasized that for beginners, the International Day of Yoga is an introduction to the universe of Yoga and for the regular practitioners, it is another step in their journey of self-discovery.


Earlier on 18 and 19 June, Yoga events were organized by the Embassy at La Villette park and at the iconic Eiffel Tower respectively in Paris. Yoga demonstrations at famous touristic sites in Paris generated much enthusiasm in Yoga among the thousands of tourists and EURO-2016 cup fans visiting Paris. In addition to mainland France, Yoga events at overseas territories like Guadeloupe, Martinique, and the Reunion islands provided a chance to the Indian diaspora to reminisce their cultural heritage from India. Various cities like Strasbourg, Gretz-Armainvilliers, Nantes, Morlaix across France also joined in the celebrations of the Second International Day of Yoga.

Washington Testimony Reveals Need to Re-Visit Media Reporting on Dodd-Frank Manufactured Home Lending Rules

Andrew Scherer318

Washington, DC – For the past year or so, various media outlets have framed unflattering stories about manufactured housing around the premise that the industry’s lending practices unfairly gouge people of modest means, and that Dodd-Frank regulations have failed to protect them.

But during that time, in a parallel universe, lawmakers and regulators have engaged in earnest discussions that support an entirely different conclusion: The misguided implementation of this well-meaning legislation is hurting buyers, sellers and lenders in the critical manufactured home market, which HUD Secretary Julian Castro has said is so important for affordable housing.

This ongoing discussion in Senate committees is available to anyone with access to C-SPAN; it suggests that business and financial reporters might want to re-think past stories on this issue and set the record straight.

Regrettably, media accounts like The Seattle Times/Center for Public Integrity/Buzz Feed and The PBS News Hour are riddled with misleading or inaccurate information. In recent years, the bulk of in-depth news reports and expert analysis on the impact of federal regulations on lending have been originated by and

With the affordable housing crisis growing, there is an urgent need for fresh, accurate reporting that shines a light on the unfortunate consequences of federal rules that were well intended, ended up hurting the very people they were meant to help.

“We have these rules that are in place that really make it difficult” to secure a small home loan in the under-$100,000 market, said Sen. Bob Corker (R) Tenn. That, said CFPB Director Richard Cordray, “is a point worthy of attention.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and the head of the agency empowered to make or break these rules tend to agree the status quo has been found wanting. Hear their thoughts on the matter in this enlightening video from MHLivingNews linked here

Photo caption – a still from the MHLivingNews Inside MH Road Show video, which includes video from U.S. Senate hearings carried on CSPAN2, as shown. and are the leading trade publications for consumers and MH industry leaders, investors, public officials and advocates who want up-to-date lifestyle and business news.

Media Contact:
L. A. “Tony” Kovach, Publisher
Phone: 863-213-4090

Builder in Bournemouth Completes Biggest Project to Date

William Bowley Projects Ltd , a renowned local builder in Bournemouth and surrounding areas has just completed their largest project to date.

The detached bungalow bought by its current owners for its beautiful garden, and quiet position bordering pastureland, this 1950’s bungalow had plenty of potential.

Many other properties in the same street had already carried out loft conversions but this was the first to benefit from an entire new roof space .

During the project the entire property was shrouded within a tin top enclosed scaffold whilst the old roof structure was removed to create a radically enlarged space, comprising master ensuite, dressing room and large hobby room with country view.

Nick……One of William Bowley’s Two Directors was delighted to receive this glowing praise from the owners after the project was completed on time and budget.

“From our first meeting with ‘the Nicks’ we were immediately struck with their enthusiasm and insight into our project. We were impressed with the time and dedication they showed in producing a very well laid out and costed specification based on our initial plan. They are very particular paying careful attention to detail and have built up an excellent team of skilled contractors who all worked to an extremely high standard. They managed to work around us, whilst we continued living in the property, ensuring that we had basic services available at all times – much appreciated in the winter months.”

Nick….. states “We always try to under promise and over deliver and I think our delighted clients Andy and Trisha sum up our company ethos perfectly in what they reported back to us as feedback. You can also see some great before and after shots as the project progressed on our website”

“During the build Nick Turner was onsite to supervise, and otherwise, was quick to respond to email and texts and kept us informed of any delay or snags. Nick Crick (Customisation King) proposed practical solutions to any problems that arose and they were both particular in leaving the site immaculate at the end of the project. They proved flexible and always listened to our requirements producing a superb end result. Team William Bowley takes great pride in their work and we would not hesitate to recommend them for your project.”

The company offer a wide range of building services from full blown project management, new house builds, land acquisition and planning, interior and exterior design. They cover the Poole & Bournemouth areas.

For a no obligation consultation to discuss your building project or property refurbishment you can reach them on 01202 831853 or email: . Alternatively they are obtainable via their mobiles: Nick Turner on 07989 307939 or Nick Pitts-Crick on 07973 383127

Nick Turner
William Bowley Projects Ltd
Address: 67 Hunt Rd, Poole, Dorset BH15 3QF, UK
Phone: 01202 831853