How Tea Drinking Benefits Our Body

Innotech Wholy Tea - The Total Body Cleanse

Tea drinking by human beings has been traced by to thousands of years; itwas credited to Emperor Shennong of China. It is part of way of life of some people, characterized by their diet, culture, status and health. It is full of antioxidants that prevent damage to our body system. There are various types of tea; they are black, dark, green, oolong, white and herbal teas.

Benefits of Tea Drinking

· Tea is made up of natural leaves that benefit our body system because it is filled with phytonutrients that boost the immune system preventing heart disease.

· Tea contains flavonoids that help to increase the metabolism rate in our body therefore assisting in weight reduction.

· Tea has been credited to reducing the cholesterol in the human body therefore reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

· Tea drinking helps to neutralize toxic materials that might lead to serious sicknesses from our body.

· Tea drinking has been accepted as a form of relaxation.

Health Benefits of Wholy Tea

Wholy tea is a natural specially produced tea from herbs; it is for the flushing out of all accumulated toxins from our body. When our food and drink intakes get to the body system and gets digested, the liver is responsible for clearing impurities from our body and the colon pass them out as waste, but there are some food intakes that doesn’t get digested easily, they stay in our colon causing discomfort such as bloating, weight gain, fatigue, gas, headache and body pain, also when this waste stay longer in the body, they turn to toxic substance and can lead to long term sickness such as cancer. Wholy Tea works at neutralizing all toxic chemicals from our body system. It also helps in reduction of weight because the body wastes are passed out frequently and this aids the body in being lighter and better.

Where can you get Wholy Tea Online?

Wholy tea is available online at It an online retail store, with its home office in Canada. In need of supplements that are beneficial for your health? Go to today.


106 – 375 Lynn Avenue

North Vancouver, British Columbia



Cleaning Bricks in Perth

Another outside element of your home that is inclined to soil and pollutes are the pavers and bricks that make up your carports and pathways. Much the same as your other outside elements, they are always presented to open air components, and the common reaction is for the items to gradually begin to rot. You can moderate this procedure through legitimate support.

We can clean your pavers and bricks utilizing a delicate wash process. We utilize eco-accommodating and synthetically safe items to clean the surface regions of your pathways and garages. This ecologically inviting substance sinks profound inside the splits and wrinkled of your pavers for a profound cleaning. We don’t utilize a weight washer to clean your pavers, we softwash them! Softwash so you don’t need to stress over them being harmed or crushed by the blowing and impacting of weight washing and the loss of the locking sand.

Kathe Cleaning Services utilizes present day condition of workmanship advances like high weight and corrosive cleaning on bricks. Bricks cleaning Services incorporates expelling mortar sprinkles and abundance concrete from bricks, expulsion of white stains on bricks (blossoming), or the green tinge on cream bricks (vanadium recoloring) . We offer each sort of bricks cleaning services at any scale. Essentially let us know your necessities. We will make in shimmering clean. Address Lice Outbreaks in New Jersey

Lice Happens serves the South Central New Jersey areas of Princeton, Hillsborough,Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, and Robbinsville as a professional mobile lice removal clinic. Lice Happens understands that nobody is to blame for a lice infestation and Jan Cooper, leader of Lice Happens South Central New Jersey says, “I am trained to educate families about lice and dispel a plethora of misconceptions.”

This company offers private, in-home screenings and lice treatment for all members of a family. Kids are typically the ones that need to be treated for lice, but parents and caregivers can also get them. They spread easily by crawling from person to person through direct hair-to-hair contact, but they don’t jump or fly. When a trained lice removal specialist arrives at a home, they will check each member of the family to ensure that everyone infected will be treated.

Once everyone is checked, the specialist will apply safe, non-toxic, pesticide free, environmentally friendly treatment to the hair of those who need treatment. This, combined with meticulous fine combing, is what sets Lice Happens apart from standard over-the-counter treatments found in local drugstores. Over-the-counter treatments are often expensive, ineffective, and toxic. This fine combing needs to be done properly with a proper comb and specialists with Lice Happens are skilled at using this technique.

Lice Happens takes the time to educate clients on how to properly comb hair for eggs (nits) and lice removal. Education about facts vs. myths and home care are provided to families as well. Tips for future outbreak prevention are also provided to the families that this company serves.

Lice Happens is available for emergency lice treatment services as well as appointments 7 days a week. To learn more about Lice Happens, visit their website at . Jan can be reached directly at 908.666.2840.

Lice Happens Locations Serving New Jersey and surrounding areas:

South Central New Jersey Lice Happens


80 Carrar Dr, Watchung, NJ 07069
Contact Jan @ 908.666.2840

Western New Jersey Lice Happens


80 Carrar Dr, Watchung, NJ 07069
Contact Jan @ 908.666.2840

North Jersey Lice Happens


46 Hickory Dr, Maplewood, NJ 07040
Contact Pete and Audry @ 917.853.7991

North Central New Jersey Lice Happens


46 Hickory Dr, Maplewood, NJ 07040
Contact Pete and Audry @ 917.853.7991

New York Lice Happens


Contact Peter @ 917.768.8131


South Central Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center located in serving Princeton, Hillsborough,Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, and Robbinsville.

Jan Cooper
Address: 80 Carrar Dr, Watchung, NJ, 07069
Phone: (908) 666-2840

King’s Cross Dental Clinic – Probably the Best Dental Clinic in London, United Kingdom

King’s Cross Dental Clinic presented their wide range of services including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and teeth straightening using invisible braces. In King’s Cross Dental Clinic advanced and latest technologies from dentistry field are combined with expertize of professional specialists working in the clinic. All procedures are performed according to high standards and treatments vary from simplest to most complicated and even surgical interventions.

On the website you will be able to find all services which are offered in King’s Cross Dental Clinic. They include invisalign (straightening teeth using removable and clean aligners), teeth whitening treatments, braces and orthodontics, dental implants and tooth replacement which will help you to replace damaged or missing teeth using high quality dental implants, cosmetic dentistry treatments and general procedures for dentistry care.

One of the best dentist in London who is activating in King’s Cross Dental Clinic is Doctor John Fagbemi. Dr. John Fagbemi is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in London. He is experienced specialist in dental implants, invisible braces and orthodontics, teeth whitening and smile makeovers. John was a student in Newcastle University, faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. After university, he took an advanced training at King’s College London Dental Institute and got a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry. Fagbemi is a dentist in London who cares about each patient and uses latest technological advances. He is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry in United Kingdom and all his patients can recommend him not only as a professional and experienced doctor, but also as a friendly person who will provide the warmest and welcoming environment while patient is in clinic.

About King’s Cross Dental Clinic:

King’s Cross Dental Clinic it is a dentistry clinic with very convenient location just in few minutes walk from both St Pancras and King Cross rail and underground stations. The clinic is equipped with modern and advanced technologies and equipment, which allows providing high quality service to each customer and ensuring that any small or complex dental treatment will be held safe and in comfort for both clients and doctors. Another important thing is that appointments in clinic are available exactly in the day you call or at a short notice. King’s Cross Dental Clinic is one the best dental clinics in London which will brighten your smile and appearance.

Company: Dr John Fagbemi
Contact Name: John Fagbemi
Address: Kings Cross Dental Clinic, 285-287 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8QD, UK
Phone: 020 7837 0773

Major Appliance Repair Parts Inventory Grows at Global Commercial Parts

Restaurant owners and service professionals in need of appliance repair parts to fix an ice machine or commercial oven have more resources than ever, thanks to the Internet. Yet not all parts sources are the same. A recent article in a major consumer magazine indicated that trying to purchase repair parts direct from the manufacturer or appliance retailer may not be the best solution. Independent parts retailers, the article states, are a much better choice, offering a more complete selection of appliance repair components at more competitive prices. Global Commercial Parts, a leading retailer of commercial appliance repair parts, understands consumers have a better chance of finding the parts they need with an independent company. “The appliance manufacturers and retailers specialize in producing appliances for sale, and many are not equipped to handle parts requests for repairs,” says Victor Perebikovsky, owner of the company. “Independent parts retailers, however, stock the parts most likely to need replacement at better prices than the manufacturers.” To learn more about the range of repair parts available from the company, visit

Another benefit restaurant owners receive from independent appliance parts retailers is purchasing the parts and having a professional service technician do the repairs. This tactic can saves a substantial amount of money, as service technicians often include significant markups on the parts needed to complete a repair. And, having the parts on hand before the service technician arrives can speed up the repair process. “A service tech often has to order repair parts and schedule another visit to finish the repair,” says Victor. “When you’ve preordered the parts, there’s no more waiting around for the tech to come back.”

Originally founded as an appliance repair service, Global Commercial Parts realized that restaurant owners and service professionals often sought to do repairs themselves, therefore opening up a market for quality parts at affordable price points. Independent parts retailers such as Global often have a better idea of the common problems associated with certain brands or models of appliance. Owners may wonder if a sound or unusual vibration is a normal part of the function of their appliance, and the manufacturer may not readily share that information with consumers. An independent company, on the other hand, has worked extensively across brands and models, giving them the experience and the insight to help troubleshoot problems quickly. “We’ve been in the business for over 20 years,” adds Victor. “We have a solid understanding of the solutions to most appliance repairs.” For more information, visit


About Global Commercial Parts

With over two decades of experience as an appliance repair service, Global Commercial Parts branched out to provide quality commercial appliance parts for restaurant owners and service professionals. Based in Irvine, California, the company offers a huge selection of OEM and aftermarket parts in the industry, backed with competitive pricing, outstanding customer care, and fast shipping options. Parts are readily available to order through the company’s easy-to-use online storefront.

Victor Perebikovsky
Global Commercial Parts
Address: 1 Yellowwood Way, Irvine, California 92612, United States
Phone: (888) 840-5185

SYOPTEK launches stellar new custom fiber optic tool kit

China – SYOPTEK the China based manufacturer, supplier and retailer of world class custom fiber optic tool kits has launched a stellar all new custom fiber optic tool kit that will purportedly help technicians promote their brands in a most emphatic manner. This state of the art tool kit will help the technicians provide a high level of service to their customer, invariably leading to a long term association, which in turn can lead to positive referral, thereby enhancing their business prospects.

Says the CEO and Managing Director of the company, “Whenever an optic fiber technician goes on an installation or service visit, it is important that they create a favorable impression on the customer, if they are indeed serious about getting ahead of the competition. Our new custom fiber cleaning kit creates a powerful impression on the customers leading them to repose faith in the technician. A more power and potent self promotion and branding tool would be very hard to come by.”

This new age custom fiber optic tool kit is quite comprehensive in that it comes with a diverse range of implements including plier, splicer, stripper, scissors, tweezers, tube cutters, wrench, blow brush, screwdriver and so on. That apart the SYOPTEK tools repertoire includes a whole range of fiber optic splicing tool kits, fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits, basic fiber cleaning kits, fast connector termination kits, single mode and multimode fiber optic test kits among other things . What’s more going forward they plan to make this wide array of tools even more diverse.

That apart the custom branding that is possible with tools like the custom fiber termination kit are a golden opportunity for a large telecommunication company with hundreds of field workers or even smaller set ups to really ramp up the branding by having the company logo and messaging emblazoned across the varying tool kits. So whether it is a one click cleaner or an OTDR, SYOPTEK not only has the tools that a technician might need but also the wherewithal to help them promote their brand and grow their business.

The optic fiber industry is a highly competitive one where the route to success is defined by the quality of one’s products and the efficacy of one’s service. SYOPTEK fiber optic tools are renowned the world over for their superlative quality and taken together with their ability to help companies and technicians brand themselves they are surely a must-have for them.

SYOPTEK is a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic tools. Their mission is to be a first-class and reliable passive components OEM expert and partner, and to this end they are devoted to providing excellent quality, highest price-to-performance passive component products with fast delivery, quick support and upmost customer satisfaction.

Syoptek International Ltd.
Tel: +86 (592) 598 3451
Fax: +86 (592) 598 3454

9 Rabbits bakery presents the best quality bubble tea in Dallas for real freshness and taste

Dallas, TX, Sept 23-  Bubble tea or Boba was originally a Taiwanese tea based drink invented in the year 1980 in the tea shops which later on became very popular among people of all age groups. Moreover the blend of fruits and nuts with ice, milk and honey adds to its taste and, ensures it to be the most cooling drink of all seasons.

Situated on the banks of river Trinity, Dallas is one such metropolitan city of Texas, US, which has kept the culture of bubble tea olive. Being the largest urban city in the world, Dallas is well equipped with all the facilities of a commercial hub with a couple of inland ports, highways and waterways running through the city. So a combination of cuisines of various places and traditions can be found in the bubble tea in this region, thus standing the test of offering the best quality to customers.

While driving to some of the popular bubble tea shops in the various outlets of Dallas one would experience the unique delight of sipping the green tea or black tea with chewy tapioca pearls or bubbles at the bottom of the glass. 9 Rabbits bakery is one such shop that provides scrumptious bubble tea options like Thai tea, lavender tea, mango, kiwi green tea, strawberry rose black tea, Aloe and customized ice green tea at affordable prices for the whole week.

The success of Bubble tea in Dallas is attributed to its high quality ingredients with a very efficient franchise system that helps the stores to deliver world class services. Tapioca pearls are transported from the overseas and cooked throughout the day to keep it fresh. All this adds to its rich texture and flavored aroma. In addition, four types of adult drinks are now offered in many areas of Dallas delivering special provisions of tea without sugar and bubbles and served cold, thus making it a health conscious drink for people with diabetes and heart problems.

The bubble tea shops in Dallas are also growing in popularity also because of its new strategic locations with an environment equipped with WiFi connections, lounge and bars with 24/7 order services for all occasions including wedding parties.

The effectiveness of peoplesoft online training at

peoplesoftonlinetrainings.comPeopleSoft HRMS Functional/Technicalonline training course will provide the candidates to know about PeopleSoft HRMS basics, Process Flow, ESS and MSS concepts. It also covers PeopleSoft Workforce administration, Setup HRMS, Position Management and global payroll practices. In addition, it includes Position Management, PeopleSoft Security Administration, Tree manager and Process Scheduler concepts.Contact for more :IND: +91-9533837156,USA : +1- 9404408084, visit: patner websites:                   ,,

Smaller Managers And Technology Present Investment Opportunities, Says Leman Capital Management

Small investment funds and rapidly advancing technology have the ability to offer greater returns to investors, according to Leman Capital Management, an algorithmic currency trading firm. Investors that are seeking real returns should look further afield that traditional large managers, says Daniel Leman, Managing Director of the company.

In a recent interview Leman has spoken about investment management in the foreign exchange market and the role technology can play. Leman Capital Management began operating 5 years ago and the company has a strong focus on using technological capabilities to revolutionise investment decisions.

“It is our belief that smaller, agile and more focussed funds have a great opportunity to distinguish themselves, especially in the FX market. After a few years of lackluster returns, a lot of investors are questioning the value that some managers add. In early 2016, many investors stepped back, but now understand they need investments that can yield real returns. Smaller managers could fulfil this need going forward, especially when they utilise the technology now available to them,” Leman said.

Leman Capital Management announced an impressive 34.6% return during the first half of 2016. The firm has an extraordinary track record, reporting a 62% return in 2015 and performing in the top 1% of quantitative asset management firms for the three consecutive years. The returns are exceedingly strong when the poor performance of many other funds is taken into consideration.

The firm utilises modern technology to allow it to take advantage of market anomalies that indicate investment opportunities. Through the use of computer algorithms Leman Capital Management can make light-speed trading decisions, an invaluable edge in today’s fast paced modern markets, and assesses the quality of financial data. Through this approach Leman Capital Investment is able to deploy new ways of investing and evolve from traditional investment concepts.

Leman Capital Management’s Quant Fund has over $100 million in assets and focuses on long-term investors. Investors are spread across the US, Asia and Europe.

To read the full interview with Daniel Leman visit

To find out more about Leman Capital Management, visit


Algorithmic currency trading firm Leman Capital Management has been in business since 2011 utilising its in-depth knowledge of the ever changing financial markets to think in new ways about investing. The company employs the latest technologies to develop advanced solutions to challenging problems in the modern, high-speed electronic markets.

Dakota Digital for Leman Capital Management
Press contact: Charlotte Malone
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025

Canadian Nanotechnology Company Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Turkey TENAY Ltd.

For Immediate Release

Toronto, Canada – September 2016 Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS), based in Toronto, Canada, one of the first global companies specializing in investment, commercialization, manufacturing, and distribution of new sustainable green environmental technologies, is expanding their marketplace to Turkey and Georgia through an exclusive license agreement with TENAY Ltd.

The exclusive license distribution agreement will help bring GENS NANO, SolarStucco and AgriHit-branded products to millions of new customers in Turkey and Georgia. These innovative products include self-cleaning, anti-bacterial coatings; organic disinfectants and sanitizers; natural bio degradable cleaners; natural foliar fertilizers; and plant growth and health enhancers. TENAY Ltd. Company is a growing Turkey corporation with an existing sales networks with customers in key Turkey industrial segments including hospitals and government. Company has strong capabilities to develop Turkey national sales distribution and application networks with new added-value services and distribution. Company has relationships with many markets including retail stores distribution chains, health care & hospitality, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, facilities, and building maintenance companies.

“We are energized with our partnership with Green Earth Nano Science and happy to expand our current operation to offer green infection control solutions,” said Mr. Fatih Oztas, owner of TENAY Ltd. “We will help our clients reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI), combat various plant diseases, and reduce need for exterior building cleaning with the introduction of these environmentally friendly, natural products.”

Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. stated:“Turkey has the 17th largest economy in the world and we are excited to serve customers across 81 provinces,” said Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. “Turkey farmers and growers will greatly benefit from our green technologies, as well as those in the pharmaceutical, hotel, food manufacturing, and government industries.”

TENAY Ltd. is a growing Turkish corporation with an established sales network. They also have strong capabilities to develop national sales distribution and application networks across Turkey and Georgia with new added-value services and distribution. The company has relationships with customers in many markets including health care and hospitality facilities, government agencies, retail stores, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, and building maintenance companies.

For more information about GENS or TENAY, visit their web pages at or


Media Contact:
Miroslaw Chrzaniecki