Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market: Gas Analyzers to Remain Most Valued Product

Global Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market: Snapshot

The rising levels of air pollution have emerged as a matter of serious concern across the world. Coupled with the increasing enforcement of stringent government regulations, this factor is reflecting positively on the demand for air quality monitoring equipment, globally.

According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global Air quality monitoring equipment market stood at US$4.2 bn in 2015. Expanding at a CAGR of 9.10% between 2016 and 2024, the market is likely to cross US$8.9 bn mark by the end of 2024.

Gas Analyzers and Detectors to Remain Leading Product Segments due to Continued Demand

Air pollution sampler, particle counter, gas analyzers and detectors, anemometers, and electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) control systems are the main products available in the global market for air quality monitoring equipment.

Gas analyzers have been the most valued products in this market are likely to remain so over the period of forecast. However, the NOX and ESP control systems are projected to offer the most lucrative growth opportunities to manufacturers due to their widespread application in a number of industries.

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Ongoing Expansion in Power Generation Sector to Ensure Dominance of North America

Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World, including South America, the Middle East, and Africa, are the predominant geographical segments in the global market for air quality monitoring equipment. With the implementation of a number of government regulations to control air pollution, North America has acquired the leading position in the overall market. The ongoing expansion in the power generation sector is also adding significantly to the growth of the market for air quality monitoring equipment in North America.

Analysts expect this regional market to continue to lead during the forecast period, thanks to the technological advancements in North America. The growing prevalence of respiratory disorders is also projected to influence the demand for air quality monitoring equipment in this region over the next few years.

In terms of revenue, the North America air quality monitoring equipment market is closely followed by the European market. The rising count of strict regulations to maintain air quality standard in the U.K. and Germany has been driving this market substantially. Moreover, the rise in the chemicals and the power generation sectors is likely to fuel the demand for air quality monitoring equipment to a great extent in the coming years.

Rise in Oil and Gas Sector to Boost Air Quality Monitoring Equipment Market in APAC and RoW

Similarly, Asia Pacific and the Rest of the World is also expected to witness a rising adoption of these systems in the near future. China, Japan, and India are likely to be the leading domestic markets in Asia Pacific. The expansion of the chemicals and the oil and gas sectors in these countries is projected to emerge as the key driving force behind the growth of the Asia Pacific market for air quality monitoring equipment in the years to come. The markets in the Rest of the World is likely to be impacted by the swift rise in the oil and gas and the power generation sectors over the next few years.

Spy Camera Catches Cat Burglar In The Act


Geneva, IL – Homeowner catches cat burglar with the use of hidden cameras and spy cameras.

Mary Wright returned home from work to her Ft. Lauderdale, Florida townhome to find things somewhat unfamiliar.

“Initially I thought I’d left a window open and the wind had blown things around, but I later found that was not the case,” said Mary.

There was more to it. The occurrences were becoming more and more frequent. Each time, also becoming more and more destructive. Items were missing and Mary started to feel unsafe in her own home. Mary recalled a friend telling her what she did when she was faced with a similar issue.

“I went online and purchased a spy camera to find out what was going on inside my home when I was away,” said Mary.

She feared the worst, but hoped for the best in terms of her own safety. Online she purchased a SpyCrushers Spy Camera Clock and set it up in the area of her home where the occurrences where taking place.

“I hoped the spy camera would confirm my suspicions and let me know exactly what was going on,” Mary continued.

Mary set the spy camera up and anxiously anticipated viewing the recording once she returned from work that evening.

“The first day there were no signs of anything. Nothing was changed or in disarray. It wasn’t until day three that I discovered what was going on. Apparently, Koko, my neighbor’s cat somehow climbs on to my window ledge and enters my home through my window. Once inside, she and my cat Sam play, jump and run around chasing each other all day without caring about the damage they’re causing. In fact, it’s Koko that takes Sam’s play toys with her every time she leaves,” Mary said.

Since catching the infamous cat burglar Mary has purchased other spy camera products like a spy pen , a spy camera adapter and even a fake security camera , which she says looks like a real security camera and is to deter any real would-be burglars.

About SpyCrushers

SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods and electronics.


Rule the track with a high-end carbon race machine

June 15, 2016 – Carbon Speed Cycle is the most excellent bike brand worldwide in terms of its superb performance. Its research and development department contains more engineering horsepower compared to any other bike company, and it’s dedicated to make every one of the road bikes, from hand-built carbon bikes to the sophisticated aluminum forms, the complete best in its class. You’ll experience the difference of the track bike wheel, from your first ride to the victor’s podium. A track bicycle or bike is one that is optimized for racing at the indoor or the outdoor track. Unlike road bikes, the track bicycle is one that has a fixed and a single gear and neither brakes nor the freewheel.

So, with a set gear and no brakes, the track cycling is an excitement ride which will get you attracted the first time you ride it. Track Bikes are ridden by the best cycling talents of the world. With years of experience in rim building, its track rim are born and bred at the track. This is run by riders, and for riders, presenting class-leading merchandises at an invincible price. Carbon Speed Cycle sells over thousands of bicycle products worldwide, from the magnificent item that you desire, to the bizarre product you never knew you required. CSC has a varied selection of brands and a compilation of vintage stock which isn’t available on any other website.

Streamlined and slimmed down for track racing, CSC track bikes are uncomplicated, ultra lightweight race mechanisms with a confirmed race history. Competing as well as winning on the most competitive track racing circuits, the carbon bikes have become renowned benchmarks for feat and value. Where else will you find the powerway hubs at low prices? All the items are hand-crafted by a team of trained mechanics. CSC is incredibly fervent about bikes and the staff has roadies, mountain-bikers, athletes, and cross-racers. CSC tries to put all that fervor, experience and commitment into everything it does.

Carbon Speed Cycle
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Shanghai, 201805, china
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Ginsberg Chiropractic Office In Geneva, Offers Natural Options For Lower Back Pain

Geneva IL, 28-JUNE-2016 – Ginsberg Chiropractic and Dr. David Ginsberg DC are pleased to announce that they provide solutions for lower back pain. The methods employed by the chiropractic team are natural and non-invasive. The Geneva chiropractor focuses on the health of the spine, a foundational element for overall body health. Pain in the lower back can often be traced to subluxations in the vertebral column.

The doctor will begin a consultation with a review of the pain symptoms, as well as a physical examination to identify the area of injury or subluxation. Obtaining digital imaging studies may be necessary to give a clearer picture of damaged or misaligned spinal areas. The information which Dr. Ginsberg collects is utilized to create a customized care plan for each patient.

When pain in the lower back is due to misalignment problems, the chiropractic professional begins the therapy by restoring alignment. A chiropractic adjustment is the most accepted remedy for subluxations. When alignment is restored, there is no longer pressure on the nerves, discs, and surrounding tissue. An aligned vertebral column allows for nerve signals to travel freely to all parts of the body.

Chiropractors know that spinal health is more than a few adjustments to the alignment. The entire body is affected when the spine is aligned properly. Soft tissue benefits include circulation of the blood and healing of any damaged cells through natural means. The benefits of holistic wellness are accomplished in part through nutrition, exercise, posture training, and stress reduction.

Learn more about relief from lower back pain by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Ginsberg at the location given below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. David Ginsberg, D. C.

Company Name: Ginsberg Chiropractics

Address: 1795 W. State Street Suite D, Geneva, Illinois 60134

Contact Telephone Number: (630) 232-6400



Dodgy Operators in Western Australia’s Wedding Industry

Complaints have been lodged to the consumer watchdog because there have been problems receiving photos and videos from their big day.

Amir Mohammad of Enchanted Films has been reported by 15 customers.

Some customers have complained that they never received their photos and videos from their big day.

Acting commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said Mr Mohammad refused to co-operate in the process of resolving complaints.

“Our concern is that Mr Mohammad and Enchanted Films continue to accept work, potentially putting others at risk of being in the same situation of waiting far too long for their photos and video products, or not receiving them at all,” he said.

“Understandably this creates enormous anxiety for the consumers involved.”

Mr Mohammad continues to accept orders even though he has outstanding orders to fill.

The most common complaints were delays in getting photos or videos and dissatisfaction over the quality of the images

“Consumers really want the images of their special event which they can’t recreate, many consumers feel compelled to put up with this poor service as they see the only acceptable resolution to their complaint is to get what they paid for,” he said.

“While the vast majority of photographers and videographers in WA offer a professional service and deliver in a timely manner, there are some people working in the industry who do not comply with consumer laws which require goods and services to be delivered within a reasonable time.”

Wedding DJ Eden Dearlove believes that the industry is rife with dodgy operators. Through his experience he believes he is familiar with all the worst practices. Between him and close collaborator Launch Film Productions he urges others to do their due diligence when planning their big day.



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Animal Abuse Leads To Prison Time for Serial Abuser

Serial animal abuser is sentenced to one-year in prison after repeated acts of extreme animal cruelty and probation violations.

A serial animal abuser, Kathleen Doenz, was sentenced to hard time due to repeated violations of gross animal abuse. She was first investigated for animal abuse in 2004. She was charged with 83 criminal counts, including failing to provide adequate shelter and water to horses and dogs. In 2006, she took a plea deal that convicted her of four counts of animal cruelty. She was ordered to pay $6,300 in restitution and fined $900, placed on two years of probation and prohibited from owning any more animals.

Specific orders, like a prohibition against owning animals, are common stipulations enforced by judges. For example, it is very common for computer hackers to be prohibited from owning computers or accessing the Internet.

Lenient plea deals are typical for animal cruelty charges. Animal cruelty is not a priority for police, prosecutors or judges when there is an overwhelming amount of human on human crimes. Unfortunately, the plea deal did not deter Ms. Doenz as she re-offended in 2013.

After several months of investigation, the Pine County Sheriff’s Office served warrants on Ms. Doenz and her mother, Gloria Carlson, to search several of their properties. The investigators found dogs, cats, horses, ducks and chickens deprived of food, shelter and water living in squalor. Several of the animals were euthanized due to their poor health.

Both women were charged with five felonies, five gross misdemeanors and four misdemeanors related to animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Ms. Doenz pleaded guilty to one felony charge, all others were dismissed. She served 90 days in jail, was put on five years of probation and a second order to refrain from owning animals was entered against her.

Within two weeks of her release, she acquired 29 mini-horses. She also violated her probation twice more the following month. Ms. Doenz was re-arrested and the court sentenced her to one-year in prison.

According to Max A. Keller, a Minneapolis defense attorney, “Animal abuse charges rarely result in felony charges or hard time. Only in the most extreme cases, like Ms. Doenz, is there a possibility serious punishment.”


Spices and Seasonings Market Trends in China presents a report on “Spices and Seasonings Market Trends in China”. This report is one of the leading sources for up-to-date market information and research on the fastest-growing Chinese markets.

27th June, 2016 Mumbai, India:  Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Spices and Seasonings Market Trends in China”.

 This study focuses on Chinas Spices and Seasonings market trends. In the two past decades, the market has been growing at a fast pace. The dramatic expansions of the manufacturing capabilities and rising consumer consumptions in China have transformed Chinas society and economy. China is one of the worlds major producers for industrial and consumer products. Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is the worlds fastest growing market for the consumptions of goods and services. The Chinese economy maintains a high speed growth which has been stimulated by the consecutive increases of industrial output, imports & exports, consumer consumption and capital investment for over two decades. Rapid consolidation between medium and large players is anticipated since the Chinese government has been encouraging industry consolidation with an effort to regulate the industry and to improve competitiveness in the world market.

Although China has enjoyed the benefits of an expanding market for production and distribution, the industry is suffering from minimal innovation and investment in R&D and new product development. The sectors economies of scale have yet to be achieved. Most domestic manufacturers lack the autonomic intellectual property and financial resources to develop their own brand name products.

This new study focuses on market trends and forecasts with historical data (2005, 2010 and 2015) and long-term forecasts through 2020 and 2025 are presented.

The primary and secondary research is done in China in order to access up-to-date government regulations, market information and industry data. Data were collected from the Chinese government publications, Chinese language newspapers and magazines, industry associations, local governments industry bureaus, industry publications, and our in-house databases.

It is one of the leading sources for up-to-date market information and research on the fastest-growing Chinese markets. We have published over 2,000 reports focusing on the Chinese markets, industry forecasts and company profiles. We provide hard-to-find market data and analyses. Our publications are intended to help international marketers identify business opportunities and promote their product sales in the Chinese markets.



Report Scope and Methodology
Executive Summary


Economic Outlook
Key Economic Indicators
Industrial Output
Population and Labor
Foreign Investment
Foreign Trade
Financial and Tax Regulations
Banking System and Regulations
Foreign Exchange
Taxes, Tariff and Custom Duties
Market Trends
Technology Development
Market Development
Major Industry Development
Regional Development
Enterprise Development
Labor Market Development


Spices and Seasonings Market Trends
Current Market Analyses
Market Development Trends
Market Challenges
Major Producers
Current Issues
Food Legislation
Packaging Legislation
Chinese Retail Market Trends
Consumer Income Trends
Consumer Spending Trends by Region


China Market Entry Overview
Chinas Distribution System
Distribution Channels
Transportation and Freight Infrastructure
Chinas Market Entry
Exporting to China
Trading Companies and Local Agents
Representative Offices and Subsidiaries
Joint Ventures
Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise

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About Author Bio: Sarah Davis is working with MarketReportsonChina which is a portal where you can access thousands of reports on China starting from Aeronautics to Zinc (A-Z). The website provides market reports on different sectors.

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Mondo Taco Offers Unbeatable Deals at their Weekly Brunch in Santa Monica


Mondo taco is a local, family-owned restaurant located in The Arboretum of Santa Monica on Colorado Ave.  The restaurant has made its name in the taco world by serving up their delicious tacos on homemade tortillas.  Their motto is that “the tortilla makes a great base for many of the wonderful flavors you might find throughout the world.”  Many of their ingredients are hand-selected by the owner at local grocery stores and farmers markets; these ingredients are featured at their brunch in Santa Monica.

The team at Mondo Taco offers unbeatable deals at their weekly brunch in Santa Monica . They serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 11:00am and 4:00pm.  Guests can enjoy an array of delicious breakfast-style tacos, mimosas and sparkling wine.  Their patio is the perfect place to sip mimosas and enjoy tacos on those sunny Santa Monica mornings.

Mondo Taco’s brunch in Santa Monica boasts four delicious breakfast-style tacos for guests to enjoy.  The first is The Baker, made with grilled mashed potato, grilled peppers, salsa verde, bacon and sour cream.  The Hangover is another great option; it includes soyrizo, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, onion, guacamole and salsa.  The Hot Potato is the perfect taco for vegetarians; it’s made with grilled mashed potato, scrambled egg, grilled peppers & onions and sour cream.  Finally, The Gali-Leo consists of smoked salmon, scrambled egg, blackened onions and sour cream.

About Mondo Taco

Mondo Taco is a local taco shop located in the heart of Santa Monica.  The restaurant specializes in international flavors that are served on authentic, homemade tortillas.  Whatever flavor you choose, you can enjoy it in a taco, wrap or bowl.  For more information about them or to see their full menu, visit  Stop by and enjoy some tacos, they are located at 2200 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310.310.8922).

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