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Ace Frehley, Formerly of KISS, Headlines McHenry Fiesta Days Music Fest

McHenry's Annual Fiesta Days Music Fest is Friday, July 10th thru Sunday, July 12th as part of the McHenry Area Chamber's Fiesta Days Festival.

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Fiberopticcleanings.com Announced Buy-Two-Get-One-Free Offer to Pleasantly Surprise Its Patrons

Fiberopticcleanings.com recently announced a great offer.

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Australia’s Lite Health Offers Simple Yet Advanced Natural Approach To Weight Loss

Cumberland Park, South Australia – Whether one is looking to lose a few kilos or a specific amount, Australia-based Lite Health (LiteHealth.com.au) and its staff support its customers throughout the entire process. The revolutionary program has been assisting many with achieving their weight loss goals in a way that gets the brain working with the individual, rather than the two warring during every step of the dieting process. Lite Health’s simple yet advanced system promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss based on eating real food.

“We like to think of our weight loss program and plan as one that promotes ‘life without limits’,” says a Lite Health company representative. “Our team of nutrition experts understand that for many – perhaps most – people, weight loss has been a real struggle; in response, we have created the Lite Health program that has been changing the rest of people’s lives. Unlike other programs that focus on suppressing the appetite and limiting food intake, we coach our customers on what foods to eat that will optimize nutrition intake and promotes fat burning, while restricting foods that traditionally migrate into fat.”

According to the Lite Health protocol, the amount of weight an individual loses can be influenced by specific variables such as age, gender, starting weight and how strictly the program is followed. Advanced supplementation complements nutrition while acting as a catalyst for reaching goal weight, with Lite Health’s step-by-step process ensuring positive results – and keeping them there. Further, the program builds a lifestyle around good, healthy eating habits, providing the tools needed without surgery, prescription drugs or hormones, exercise or food to be purchased.

Unlike most diets or so-called “12-week programs,” Lite Health is about healthier eating and healthier habits throughout life, with company representatives believing that weight loss, increased energy and increased health all come down to what we put in our mouths. To that end, say Lite Health reps, this involves eating real whole foods and not “diet” foods so that the benefits of weight loss can be transparently experienced.

As Lite Health sees it, the benefits of weight loss encompass balancing of the nervous system, decrease in blood pressure, general relaxation, improved sleep habits and patterns, improved circulation, increased flexibility, increased muscle tone, improved self-esteem, reduced muscular pain, removal of toxins, reduced recovery time and reduced stress.

Lite Health is located at 378 Goodwood Road in Cumberland Park, SA and can be reached by calling (08) 8373 0207. For more information about the program and to register as a client visit www.LiteHealth.com.au

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London Bhangra Star Rajeev B Proves A Hit With Midnight Release

We have heard nothing but voices of excitement over the past few weeks, with music fans desperate to hear Rajeev B’s latest track - Ranjhana.

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CrustCutter USA announces release of new Gingerbread Man Sandwich Cutter

CrustCutter USA –the makers of Crusty’s™ Sandwich Cutters- has today announced adding a new stainless steel and 100% BPA free Gingerbread Man Sandwich Cutter to their EasyCrust ™ range of products.

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IGXE Announces Sale Of Runescape 2007 Gold

RPG Game's Most Important Item, Gold Sales Available 24/7 online

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Mintcandy Announces New State Of The Art Online Marketing Tool Suite For All To Use Free Of Charge

Essex Based Digital Marketing Agency MintCandy announces their new ‘state of the art’ online marketing analysis tools - free to use on their new website.

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The Bubble Parade 2015 Will Take Place In Over 40 Cities And 30 Countries On May 31

On May 31 people in over 30 countries across the world - from Nepal to USA, from Sudan to Indonesia - will go out on the streets and join forces to make their cities happier by blowing soap bubbles.

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Excel Realty Academy Acclaimed 100% Pass Real Estate Course!

Excel Realty Academy is one of the best, immersive, intensive and immediate results offering realtor course provider.

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IGXE.Com Become the Number One Provider for cheap WoW Gold online

IGXE.Com, a renowned name when it comes to offering gaming currencies has become number one provider of World of Warcraft gold for sale.

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Academic Essay Writing Companies to the help of students everywhere

Academic work created by Peak Writers tends to get excellent grades. Each and every one is a customized essay or report and work only commences once the student provides sufficient details about what should be done.

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DIY Tips to Help You Boosts the Sell ability of Your House!

When it comes to selling a home, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, says Kevin Bonnema

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Freddie and Sebbie Outdoor Blanket Reaches 4.8 Star Average on the Amazon Marketplace

Online baby item and accessory seller Freddie and Sebbie just recently reached more than 80 five-star reviews on the Amazon Marketplace for their Luxury Large Foldable Outside Blanket with Water resistant Backing.

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3D FLOOR PLANS for your new construction

Flooring plays a crucial role to the inside style of the house, buildings and therefore the operating place.

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The Awesome Binary Options Rebel Trilogy

May 29, 2015 – Small Money Made Big, LLC in partnership with Trader Ed are at the forefront of simple to implement trading strategies for the binary option and forex currency markets. 

Trader Ed and the website Small Money Made Big  have introduced, what currency traders may consider to be a revolutionary binary options trading strategy, aptly named the Short-Term Rebel Spirit.

The developer of the Rebel Spirit Binary Options trading system, Trader Ed, is an expert in the field of binary option and forex trading. He has traded the currency markets for over 15 years 

The revolutionary Rebel Spirit is unique in its approach because it allows the trader to make a trilogy of short-term trades, with various expiry’s. Results of the three trades, entered into simultaneously, can be achieved in less than 5 minutes, depending on the expiry. 

By allowing the trader to place a trilogy of simultaneous trades within a single entry point, the Rebel Spirit provides the unique opportunity to profit multiple times from a single entry point, but with various expiry time intervals. 

The benefits of implementing the revolutionary Rebel Spirit binary options trading short term trilogy strategy can be attained by visiting www.SmallMoneyMadeBig.com/rebel-spirit The proprietary characteristics of the Rebel Spirit trading system has the ability to optimize the trader’s opportunity for achieving profit. 

The goal of the Rebel Spirit Binary Options Trading System is to allow the trader to make multiple simultaneous trades at one entry point in order increase efficiency for those that have a limited amount of time or limited trading experience. 

The features of the system include: customized indicators and signals structured specifically for the MT4 trading platform, it’s ease of use, repeatable opportunity for profit, unique proprietary characteristics that improve trading proficiency. One of the barriers for currency traders is the limited amount of time to dedicate to research, analyze, monitoring and implementing a successful strategy for currency trading. 

In contrast to other trading binary option strategies and systems, that tout the removal of a trader’s analyzing skills of market movement via automation, the Rebel Spirit touts a “hands on” approach for optimizing those same skills to improve the potential for success.

The system allows the trader to confirm the indicators and signals to enter a trade with confidence in achieving the trade’s potential for profit. 

Those that are interested and would like to receive more information, may visit the website,


Contact: Chris Lovett

Small Money Made Big, LLC


Address: 14710 Genesee Rd.

Apple Valley, California 92307

Tel: 760-980-1734

Email: admin@eluvmarketing.com

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